Founded in 2005 El Dandy Records provides professional sound and lighting solutions to businesses on the Costa del Sol and offers a wide variety of musical performances for private and public events.

El Dandy Festival

Record Label

Independent record label born in Marbella in 2021 as an annex to the activities developed by Miguel Corchón around his passion for music, professional sound and events, which he has been developing since his adolescence as a DJ and entrepreneur in the sector.
El Dandy Records was born parallel to the Blues at Moonlight festival, and with the intention of being an additional platform where artists participating in the festival can also publish songs on vinyl and CD.
Genres: Authentic and Neo Rockabilly, Rock’n’Roll, Surf, Swing, Neo-Swing, Doo Wop, Teddyboy Rock’n’Roll, Revival Rock’n’Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Country, Western, Hillbilly, Western Swing…


With years of experience and the best clients from the Costa del Sol, Ibiza, Tulum, Paris, London, Cairo, Dubai, Berlin, to name a few, and other places that create trend and are referents internationally. We have DJs and producers and we are a professional sound company and show agency with DJ equipment, lighting and stages, if you want to complete your event at the highest level.


Entertainment Agency

Production & execution of awesome musical events, concerts, tours & festivals.

From the funkiest soul and disco to the rawest rythmn and blues, we have worked with an enviable list of local, national and international artists, bringing quality musical events to Marbella and the Costa del Sol.


Sales, installation and rental of professional sound, lighting and audiovisual equipment.

Top brand, bespoke solutions for bars, restaurants, hotels, private businesses, presentations, conferences, small and large events.