About This Project

We are Menllizon. A drummer and percussion duo formed by Pablo Lopez and Xarate Eddine; two musicians with a career of more than ten years in various formations and diverse musical genres from Jazz, funk, latin, flamenco, etc ..
Until today, we performed in major international event locations such as Cavalli Club (Dubai), Marbela Beach Club (India), Saidia Festival (Africa). – National wide we are performing regularly at the following venues Nikki Beach (Mallorca), Funky Budha beach (Marbella), Mana (Murcia), Le marche (Huelva), Oliva Valere (Marbella), Tokay (Almeria), The Hall (Puerto Banus) and Kube (Algeciras).
As every year, Menllizon creates a new project. For the 2016 season, we present something very special modern and authentic.
Our Tour “Maybe yes… But No”; a live show with a unique and spectacular presentation. We combine music, light, water and percussion. At the rate of a double acoustic percussion and aquatic. We mix classic and genuine sound to the latest hits of musical genres such as: House, Dance, Future House, etc..
A performance created with enthusiasm and professionalism, entertaining choreography, lots of energy and good vibes, which let us interact with the audience’s vibes from start to finish.
A show that will make you spend a magical night.
Perfect for festivals, private events, clubs, and any kind of national or international venues.