Tin Fernandez

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Artist, singer-songwriter, composer, cellist and flamenco singer

Young singer-songwriter and composer, born in Torre del Mar, within a gypsy family, where he suckled flamenco before he was born, he started from a very young age with the desire to learn music, at the age of 11 he began to study at the José Hidalgo Conservatory (Torre del Mar), and later on he continued studying at the Manuel arra Conservatory (Málaga), specialising in cello.

Passionate about music, Vicente Fernández Moreno, better known by his artistic name as Tin Fernandez sings his own songs and accompanies himself with his cello at the same time. Inspired by the sound of his cello, he composes his own songs, which by spring of 2017 will be playing with his first album.

He is currently working with his group Tin Fernandez Trio composing a very elegant and exclusive flamenco fusion repertoire. He considers himself a pioneer in his modality since it is something never seen before. Very soon we will be listening to your music all over Spain and much of the world!

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